The enhanced DILG Vision is a declaration of our purpose and aspirations as an organization. what we strive for and what we want to achieve in the future for the LGUs, communities, and the Filipino people. Hence, the following key elements are defined, to wit:


This mission statement is comprised of the following key elements, alongside their definition:


The Department’s Shared Values strive to encompass and complement the respective agency core values anchored on common values demonstrated across the DILG family, whether as an organization or as individuals:

  • As an organization, these are values and principles that reflect common aspirations towards the Department’s commitment to be an agency/ organization that is:
    • Honest and trusted;
    • Excellent and effective; and
    • A dependable partner of the Filipino” people, the President, NGAs LGUs, civil society and people’s organizations (CSOs/POs), private sector
  • As individual members of the DILG family, these are shared values to:
    • Work with integrity and full commitment to accountability and transparency:
    • Provide capable, methodical, and excellent service to clientele as further strengthened by continuous professionalization and capacity building; and
    • Engage the clientele and the general public as dependable, reliable and accessible government workers who are able, willing and prepared to· extend assistance and services to the people to advance their welfare and interests.