The DILG Regional Office 5 holds its Quality Management System (QMS) Planning Activity for FY 2023 – a concrete action to assess the effectiveness of QMS implementation in FY 2022 and address the identified risk and opportunities, via blended modality.

The F2F meeting is led by the Regional Top Management RD Atty. Arnaldo E. Escober Jr., CESO V together with Regional Quality Management Representative ARD Jhoaden G. Lucero, CESO V, and attended by QMS Secretariat and Process Owners. All six deputy QMR Provincial Directors attended virtually via Zoom.

“QMS is here to stay. We should maintain the system, improve and adapt to ISO requirements in the performance of our work” RD Escober stated in his opening message.

The activity highlighted the discussion on the Work and Financial Plan for FY 2023, the Proposed QMS Budget Proposal for FY 2024, and the update, review, and approval of QMS Planning documents particularly the Risk and Opportunities Assessment Register, Interested Parties Matrix, and Context Registry.

The QMS Implementation is geared up to continuous improvement in the application of the system, simplification of processes, and efficient procedure towards the attainment of customer expectation and satisfaction.

As a way forward this year, the Planning Activity seeks to assure that quality management can achieve its intended result, enhance the desired effect and achieve continual improvement.