The Validation Team from the DILG V composed of Engineers and Project Evaluation Officers (PEOs) from the Project Development and Management Unit (PDMU) and DILG Sorsogon Provincial Office validated the results of the Local Road Management Performance Assessment (LRMPA) for the province of Sorsogon on July 19, 2022 at Sorsogon Provincial Capitol, Sorsogon City.

The Validation Team, headed by PDMU Chief Leandro S. Gigantoca and DILG-Sorsogon Provincial Director Julius Cal-Ortiz, CESE represented by LGOO V Rafael L. Dela Rama, LGCDU/PDMU Head, reviewed the documents prepared by the Local Road Management Team of the province which serve as a mode of verification for the points scored in the Local Road Management Performance Assessment Tool (LRMPAT). The LRMPAT is the tool developed by the Department that checks capacity and performance elements with the aid of its 16 indicators.

The results were presented for discussion with the newly-elected Governor of Sorsogon, Hon. Jose Edwin “Boboy” B. Hamor. Governor Hamor expressed his commitment to raise the capacity and performance of the province to higher standards in the succeeding years.