Welcome to the Local Governance Regional Resource Center (LGRRC)




The LGRC is a dynamic, interactive and virtual program that contributes to building the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) as a knowledge centric organization (KCO) and builds learning communities that pursue local governance excellence through knowledge sharing and innovation. LGRC is NOT merely a physical facility, or library, nor is it simply a repository of knowledge products.

The LGRC was established to address the following concerns:

  • Need to consolidate the wealth of information on good local governance
  • Need to improve access to these knowledge and information
  • Need to promote a culture of learning, sharing and replication in local governance
  • Need to achieve synergy of efforts in working towards excellence in local governance
  • Need to harness people, process, technology in knowledge and information management


  • To promote a culture of learning and knowledge sharing in pursuit of sustainable development through excellence in local governance.
  • To support DILG in its role as primary catalyst for excellence in local governance.
  • To harness the role of DILG as knowledge brokers and facilitators of capacity development in local governance.



The Bicol LGRC strives for the development of well-structured, web-based and responsive database; provisions of a need, mandate and aspiration based capacity development intervention; gender responsive, community and family centered and adaptive public education program; and establishment of linkages anchored on mutual trust, multi-stakeholdership, performing and sharing of resources.



A dynamic center with accessible and applicable data and information, clientele-responsive capacity development program, empowering and engaging public education program and strong and functional multi-stakeholder linkages.



Multi-Media Knowledge and Information


Multi-media Knowledge and Information provides access to knowledge products, technology and relevant information on local governance.

  • Collection and development of current and relevant info/knowledge products
  • Repository and channel of communication and information sharing of books, publications, exemplary and replicable practices, audio video materials and other knowledge products
  • Provides access to other information systems

Capacity Development


Capacity Development facilitates delivery of quality, strategic and responsive capacity development interventions for local governance.

  • Venue to deliver or facilitate the delivery of quality, strategic and responsive capacity development for promoting and undertaking replication of exemplary practices
  • Provide support to local development planning
    Conducts conferences, RTD, forums, etc.
  • Monitor and evaluate the relevance, utilization and impact of knowledge shared

Public Education on Good Governance & Citizens Development


Public Education on Good Governance & Citizens Development promotes good local governance, practices and innovations among the general public.

  • Promotes good local governance practice and innovations
  • Knowledge sharing, knowledge exchange programs through conferences, round table discussions and forums on exemplary practices, tools and processes, cases, policy issues and governance trends
  • Information dissemination
  • Partnerships with media for public education



Linkage service is a platform that will facilitate partnership and networking of LGUs with other local government stakeholders. It promotes collaboration with key partners that fosters a more holistic approach in solving issues and conflicts.

  • Brokers link between LGUs and other local governance stakeholders and programs
  • Provides access to network of coaches, experts and local resource institutions
  • Facilitate multi-stakeholdership and network building
  • Help desk and information referral service