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II. FINANCIAL PROFILE (as of December 2014)

Locally Sourced Revenues:
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       An adventurous young man from the tribe forced his way across the mouth of the river to look for rattan needed for the repair of his future bride’s family house.  Going westward by the shoreline, he finally turned left for the business of venture but before he cut an uphill distance, he saw what appeared to be a chicken flying along just above the tallest leaves of pandan shrubs festooning the sea.  Back in his tribe, he told the clan on what he saw of the beauty of the place, its abundance with food and building materials and the defense is offered from the pirate’s raid.  But as the place has no name to say when referring to that “discovered land” every time anybody talk of the place, they would call it “BAGAMANOC which literally means the place was “like a chicken”.

Bagamanoc is located at the northeastern part of the province directly facing the Pacific Ocean.   Its shoreline is a vast fishing ground.

Bagamanoc is used to be called a small town of big people and properly so.  She had produced a hundred of professionals scattered all over the archipelago who in their modest way are making a name for themselves and for their birth place.

IV. Local Elective Officials

Mayor:                           Remegio B. Villaluna

Vice Mayor :                 Mario E. Visaya

Sangguniang Bayan Member

  1. Juan A. Velchez, Jr.
  2. Mark Anthony M. Pascua
  3. Joven R. Pelagio
  4. Jerry C. Pelagio
  5. Belen V. Evangelista
  6. Edwin R. De Leon
  7. Danilo V. Pena
  8. Nelson b. Villaluna

Ex-Officio Member: Ceferino S. Molina, Jr